June 2, 2021



I want to leave random letters in random places. 

In a beautifully unexpected way,

That startles. 

May their words, imperfect as they are, 

Fall to the ground,

Mix with the leaves, 

Become one with the Earth below. 

So that maybe then the world could be concentrated with a kindness it has yet to know. 

A kindness that exists in her eyes

And his smile. 

A kindness that, if the world were filled with it, we may just have a chance.

A chance to see the Northern Lights. 

A chance to see the stars as wonders worth another glimpse. 

A chance for them to rediscover the love that escaped their eyes and drained their smiles. 

And maybe, 

Just maybe,

We can achieve the unattainable. 

So I think I will leave these letters. 

In the hope that maybe there is someone out there who’s a little like me. 

Someone who needs a little good. 


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