Meet the Writers- and become one!


Julia Schroers, 10th grade: Julia is the newspaper’s co-editor, as well as an op-ed, political, and poetry writer. Julia loves bagels, short poems, and competitive debate. 


Aliya Gibbons, 11th grade: Aliya is the co-editor of the paper, as well as an op-ed and school news writer, and she is an avid cat enthusiast. 


Hannah Contessa, 10th grade: Hannah is the manager, website designer, and organizer. She loves to dance and is a Billy Joel fan. 


Shivika Kumar, 10th grade: Shivika authors political and town news articles. She loves reading and is very afraid of dogs. 


Melek Top, 10th grade: Melek is a political, op-ed, and media writer, who really loves fashion and photography. 


Zoe Rumanoff, 10th grade: Zoe writes educational and op-ed pieces. She is the proud owner of two dogs and she plays the cello. 


Anushree Ajgaonkar, 9th grade: Anushree is a poetry and current events writer. She does her best writing when under pressure or when she’s in a bad mood. 


Scout Climie, 10th grade: Scout is a sports and politics writer, who really enjoys baking and cooking. 


Ella Beesely, 10th grade: Beesely is our sports and business writer. Her favorite animal is a dumbo jellyfish (look it up!)


Nora Amer, 10th grade: Nora writes identity and opinion pieces. She loves cinematography and enjoys discovering new music and food. She enthusiastically enjoys photos of monkeys and raccoons. 


Do you….

Have a super good idea for the paper?

Really disagree with something we published?

Need a way to share your thoughts with the world?


Come write for us! Contact Ms. Lott by email ( [email protected] ) or reach out to any of the writers or editors to attend a meeting!