Looking for Alaska


Book Review:

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska by John Green is a young adult novel that tells of love, friendship, belonging, and guilt. This absolute page-turner of a novel focuses on the protagonist Miles “Pudge” Halter’s search for a greater sense of meaning in his life as he enrolls in a boarding school called Culver Creek. Upon arriving at Culver Creek, Pudge meets Chip “The Colonel” Martin, Takumi Hikohito, and most importantly, Alaska Young, all of whom will finally give Miles the feeling of community that he had been searching for. Miles’ intentions, however, quickly change from finding his place to capturing the heart of Alaska Young, who has her heart set on another boy. Miles, The Colonel, Takumi, and Alaska occupy themselves with countless adventures and pranks while attending Culver Creek, all the while avoiding the dean of the school who has been given the nickname “The Eagle”. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this book is the way that Green starts each chapter. Straight from the first page of the book, Green starts the novel with the chapter title “one hundred thirty-six days before”, a number that continues to shrink throughout the novel. This brilliant strategy effectively keeps the reader engaged in the book, making it very difficult to put down. Once the countdown finally reaches zero, you will find yourself lost, confused, and in complete shock, with an incredible urge to keep reading.

John Green’s masterpiece of a novel is truly one that anyone would enjoy. Looking for Alaska is a rollercoaster of emotions, with it giving you an ear-to-ear smile at times while bringing you to tears at others. I believe that this novel is a must-read for any teenager, as it perfectly captures the raw feelings that are associated with young love and affection. This novel is also an important lesson in the risks of drugs and alcohol, the importance of authority figures, and the dangers of mental health in teens. Not only will this novel make you ponder your place in the world, but it will also teach you the significance of opportunities and the value of unexpected friendships with both those your age and those far older. Overall, Looking for Alaska is a funny yet heartwrenching novel that will leave you obsessed for days after reading.

Disclaimer: Looking For Alaska is intended for mature readers, as it deals with drugs, alcohol, profanity, and sexual content.