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A glimpse into the future

For decades, the American car industry has been plagued with weak, overpriced, cookie-cutter cars with little technical improvements between models. The all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 promises an upgraded experience.

Without the need for radiator grills, the Ioniq’s pixelated headlights meld into a thin black line that separates the slightly curved hood and uniquely angled front bumper. When observing the car’s side profile, the Ioniq side mirrors swivel out from their folded position; at the same time, the door handles, once flush with the body of the car, fold outward.

Once inside, the lack of an engine is realized with the spacious footwells where an engine and transmission once were. And, while decreasing its turning radius, the Ioniq’s wide wheelbase makes for a comfortable interior. The gear shifter which was once in the center has been moved to a knob on the steering wheel; while offending car purists, this allows for an open space between the front seats which was once blocked off.

Furthermore, the Ioniq 5 has taken a minimalist approach to its interior design. The once-crowded center console, as well as the front dashboard, have both been replaced with digital screens. And, with the forgoing of knobs, the number of features through the interactive console is virtually limitless. Notably, the touch screen can control the heated steering wheel, the front seat ventilation systems, customizable spatialized audio, and completely reclining front seats. 

However, while largely performing at the top of its class, the Ioniq lacks in some noticeable features. Including but not limited to its lack of a rear windshield wiper on any of its 4 trim levels. The omission of a rear wiper is in large part to maximize the car’s miles as all of its electronic features run off of the same power supply that powers the electronic motor. 

The skyrocketed prices of the used car market mixed with a general feeling of dread as the atmosphere fades away from over a billion tons of emissions created by passenger vehicles in America makes for a less than pleasurable experience for many drivers. And, while public transportation is appropriately utilized throughout much of the Western world, America is largely suburbanized housing that is impossible to navigate without a car. While still far from public transport, driving the Ioniq 5 is a glimpse of a cleaner future.

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