Beast – A Movie Review

by Kiera Arbuckle


Idris Elba has taken on a variety of different roles in movies over the years. So is Beast one of his best, or one of his worst?

Beast is a 2022 thriller directed by Baltasar Kormaker.

Nate Samuels (played by Idris Elba) takes his two teenage daughters Meredith (played by Leah Jeffries) and Norah (played by Iyana Halley) to a game reserve in South Africa. When a family friend named Martin Battles (played by Sharlto Copley) takes them on a safari, it quickly becomes a fight for survival when a rogue lion starts chasing them. 

The movie starts out with a scene where a group of poachers kill a pride of lions. But the male lion gets away. 

Martin takes Nate, Meredith and Norah on a safari. 

When they get out of the car, Martin shows Nate and the girls a pride of lions. He explains that the female lions hunt and the male lions protect the pride from other lions. If another lion comes into the territory, the male and female lions will kill them. He says it is the “law of the jungle” and it is “the only law that matters”

One of the lions has a wound on her paw, Martin thinks it is a bullet wound. So Martin, Nate and the girls go to a village to ask the people that live there if they saw or heard anything unusual. On the way there, Martin says that things are getting worse with the poachers. They used to just be after elephants. but now they are going after lions and they are selling their teeth, claws and bones. Norah says that she read about anti poachers. People that go out and kill poachers. Nate, Martin and the girls arrive at the village, but there is nobody around. In the car, Martin tries to contact someone on the CB radio, but nobody responds. Later on, Nate is searching for Martin when a lion starts to chase him. He tells the girls to get back in the car. The lion is staring right at Martin. Meredith finds Martin and gets him back to the car. Martin thinks that the lion’s real enemy is the poachers. Since they killed that lion’s pride, The lion is coming after them because of that. Someone starts talking on the radio, but it turns out that they are poachers. The poachers tell Nate that Martin is an anti-poacher. 

 Nate is going to get the poachers truck and put Martin into it, 

But there are no keys in the truck. But The lion comes and Martin blows the car up which burns the lion. Meredith gets attacked by the lion, so Nate gets into the truck and drives to a building. In that building, He leaves the girls in the building and gets into a fight with the lion. The two lions from the reserve kill the rogue lion. In the final scene of the film, Nate, Meredith and Norah finish their trip. 

I had a lot of fun seeing this movie. Especially since I saw it for the first time in theaters.  The locations in this movie are beautiful and the camera work is also incredibly immersive.

I am really enjoying all of the different roles that Idris Elba has been playing in movies recently. He played Nate in Beast and then he played a Djinn in Three Thousand Years of Longing. These have been the best movies that Idris Elba has been in all year. Although he did also have a cameo in the post credits scene of Thor Love and Thunder as his character Heimdall. Sharlto Copley’s character Martin Battles was also pretty interesting. He seemed to have a pretty good relationship with those lions. Especially since he was able to hug two of them. Probably because he raised them. 

Overall, I would give Beast a 98%. It is a fun movie to watch that keeps you on the edge of your seat at times.  Especially during scenes that involve lions.